10 Questions with William Ritter and a special ‘Jackaby’ Giveaway!

will ritterWe had so much fun hosting William Ritter at Liberty Bay Books earlier this month to debut his third ‘Jackaby‘ book, Ghostly Echoes! If you have not gotten your hands on this fabulous series, you are missing out. The very quirky Jackaby is a detective (similar to Sherlock Holmes) who has always been a little odd and a lot extraordinary. When Abigail Rook leaves London and heads to America, she’s not sure where she will land but then finds employment with this curious man. These books are mysterious, magical, humorous and a lot of fun to read.

Enter now to win an autographed copy of Jackaby! Signed by William Ritter!

Ghostly Echoes is officially released today – so to celebrate we got Will to answer a few quirky questions.

  1. What is the last thing you binged on Netflix? Steven Universe and Jessica Jones.
  2. Which is your favorite Pokémon and are you playing PokemonGo? Yes, I am! I mean, not right this minute, but yes I am playing PokémonGo. I like Oddish…he’s my favorite because he’s adorable. However, Gloom – his evolution – is ugly, so I tend to keep Oddishes around even though they’re low level.
  3. Do you believe in Sasquatch? YES! I spent most of my childhood looking out the car window for Sasquatch with my cousin whenever we went anywhere.
  4. Where do you think Sasquatch lives? Well, having filmed a riveting documentary with my cousin when were about eight years old, I am obviously an expert on the subject. Granted, we had to use a stuffed gorilla toy as a special effects stand-in for Bigfoot himself, but the research was solid. I think Sasquatch lives always JUST a little further into the woods. (Except of course for the brief period when he lived with the Hendersons in the eighties).
  5. Given the chance to see a unicorn or Sasquatch which would you pick? As much as I would love to see a unicorn, I’ve got more history with Sasquatch.
  6. If you could have anyone play your Jackaby characters in a movie, who would you choose? Anton Yelchin would have been my ideal Jackaby – he would have been perfect. Often, I’m casting characters in my head circa the 1920’s-30’s. Ingrid Bergman, for instance is kind of my Jenny Cavanaugh, but neither of those people are with us anymore so that kind of complicates things. For Abigail, Lily James from the new Cinderella movie and Downton Abbey is marvelous – in Downton Abbey in particular, she’s English and she’s proper, but she’s got that sass and independence. Emma Watson, of course, would be amazing as well – she’s just an amazing human being.
  7. Team Harry & Ginny or Team Ron & Hermione? I’d go Harry/Ginny just because I think it’s a  better pairing. I love Ron and I love Hermione and some of the things in the new book have made me more comfortable with their relationship. But, I think in a lot of ways Hermione would be frustrated by that relationship and Ron might almost be stifled by it. On the other hand, I have seen a lot of ways in which people who might be a little more stuffy wind up coming out of their shells with someone who’s a little more cheeky and silly – and vice versa – but I definitely “shipped” Harry & Ginny more during the story.
  8. What is the last book you read? I’m currently going through the Harry Potter series with my boys, and Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is the last book I personally finished. I’m also really taking my time and going through the last few Terry Pratchett books that I haven’t read yet because I love his books and I’m really sad there won’t be more.
  9. If you could be any character from fiction, who would you be? I’d go with a Terry Pratchett character and say Sam Vimes (from the Discworld Series). He’s not perfect and that’s made clear from the beginning, but he tries and he cares and he puts together a really diverse crew. In Thud, in particular, he’s a father in that book and it’s really important for him to get home and read “That Is Not My Cow” to his son at the same time every night. So in one scene, he’s stuck underground fighting a war with a bunch of monsters and he’s not there for his son so he begins reciting “That Is Not My Cow” – which he knows by heart from reading it a thousand times. So he’s doing things like throwing an axe and yelling, “Is that my cow? No! That is not my cow, that is a hippopotamus!” And it’s just the most ridiculous and heartwarming scene I’ve ever read.
  10. What would be the name of your debut album? No Cash Value.

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